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Sothys products available from About Face in Glasgow

Sothys was established in 1946 and their products have received world wide recognition for performance. It is an exclusive range available only in
"Sothys Appointed Clinics" such as About Face.  The high quality products contain cutting edge, innovative natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. All eleven Sothys ranges are interchangeable so it is possible to treat more than one skin condition at any one time.
In addition to this comprehensive product range we offer Sothys Institute Facials - truly specialised and effective treatments which produce results

Sothys Product Ranges

Sothys Cleansing And Toners Sothys Cleansing And Toners
Eliminate dead cells that accumulate every day on the surface of the epidermis. Prepares your skin to receive the appropriate skincare products.
Sothys Sensitive Skin

Sothys Sensitive Skin

High-performance formulas offering a daily soothing action to all sensitive skins.
Fragrance free, colour free, hypoallergenic


Sothys Oily Skin Sothys Oily Skin
Sothys Oily Acne Skin line for oily skin is designed to control the skin with absorbent beauty products
Sothys Normal To Combination Skin Sothys Normal To Combination Skin
Designed to preserve the skin's natural beauty. since specializing in extraordinary treatment concepts and products.
Sothys Nutritive Dry Skin Sothys Nutritive Dry Skin
Sothys Nutritive Dry for dry skin is designed to nourish and protect the skin.
Sothys Anti-Ageing Cream Sothys Anti-Ageing Cream
Sothys Anti-Ageing Cream Fights against wrinkles, Preserves Facial contour, reinforces the structure of the dermis Relaxes the feature Smoothes and energises the skin Active anti-age shield Protects and slows intrinsic ageing.
Sothys Active Contour Total Eye Care Sothys Active Contour Total Eye Care
A treatment to soothe congested eyelids and smooth the eye contour, and leave you feeling relaxed and fresh Stimulates circulation to diminish dark circles, decongestant effect to reduce the appearance of bags,
Sothys Intensive Anti-ageing Serums Sothys Intensive Anti-ageing Serums
Sothys [C]Collagen Hyaluronique™ Anti-ageing Serums effectively and precisely act on the aggravated signs of skin ageing. Sothys 1st Cosmeceutical Ageless Serums.
Sothys Hydradvance Sothys Hydradvance
Sothys Hydradvance he Hydradvance™ This advanced hydration program is a tailor-made solution providing incomparable moisturizing power with immediate and long lasting results.
Sothys [C] Renewal Sothys [C] Renewal
Highly specialized and concentrated anti-aging products that fill the growing demand for visible and fast results. is a new generation of cosmeceuticals founded on the concepts of chronobiology to visibly fight aging skin.
Sothys Pore Refiner System Sothys Pore Refiner System
A powerful solution for enlarged and visible pores. High-tech cosmeceutical actives refine the texture of the skin and reduce pore size to reveal a perfect complexion
Sothys Clarte & Confort Rosacea Sothys Clarte & Confort Rosacea
 Capillary Redness and Rosacea Lighten and soften with anti-redness treatments. designed for delicate skin with diffused redness.
[W.] [W.]
As bright as it gets This high performance programme provides a dual solution to lighten the complexion and to treat specifically at the pigmented spots.
Sothys Beauty Garden Sothys Beauty Garden
 which guarantees that 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin and a minimum of 10% of the ingredients come from organic farming
Sothys Secrets de Sothys Prestige care Secrets de Sothys Prestige care
Global anti-age stress relief line is the result of Sothys research in the fight against ageing. The force of the innovation Tex-OE® extract that combat skin stress and preserve cell viability after an external aggression.
Sothys Sun Care

Sothys Price List

Our current Price List for the Sothys Product Range is available to download by clicking here.

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